Our Clients


HumanIPO helps to turn your fans into shareholders. It's an open market where you can buy, sell and redeem shares in creators you believe in.

Billfold POS

Billfold is an innovative tech pioneer that creates the Point of Sale system for large entertainment and sport events. The company develops a secure RFID Payment Technology with the industry's fastest and most user-friendly cashless solutions.

The Off Label

The Off Label is a made-to-measure clothing line based in New York City. The Off Label is redefining luxury through its custom and personalized approach.

PRMD Cleaning Inc.

PRMD Cleaning is providing exceptional hi-tech cleaning and disinfection services for commercial spaces and venues in NY, NJ, GA, FL & CA.

Liquor Warehouse of Freeport

Liquor Warehouse Freeport is Long Island’s largest liquor store enterprise that offers a premium selection of products, as well as professional fast service. It has been highly praised and recognized with various awards by Nassau County, Mayor and Board of Trustees of the Village of Freeport and its loyal customers.

Freedom FM 104.7 FM

Freedom FM is most listened-to Russian Speaking radio station in New York and Miami and the producer of award-winning programs and podcasts.

RMY 18 Realty, Inc.
G & S Consulting Inc.
Logos Consulting, LLC