Cannabis Law

Recreational cannabis use is expanding across the country, cannabis businesses are thriving, and many states are adopting the laws that may be very tricky for both businesses and consumers. An experienced cannabis law firm can help you open your legal cannabis business and stay in compliance with your state’s regulatory scheme, and establish a business model that will succeed.

Without the proper licenses and insurance in place, a new cannabis business could be shut down, causing owners to lose their entire investment. The legal cannabis industry is growing, evolving, and highly regulated. In order to succeed, it is a must that participants are aware of and adhere strictly to each state’s regulatory scheme, especially given the reality that marijuana is illegal under federal law for all purposes.

Our cannabis business law practice includes:

  • Cannabis Business Licensing
  • Regulatory Scheme Compliance
  • Cannabis Patent Law
  • Cannabis Trademark Law
  • Cannabis Business Banking
  • Cannabis Business Insurance
  • Cannabis Revenue Taxation
  • Cannabis Business Zoning
  • Landlord/Tenant Disputes between Property Owners and Cannabis Businesses
  • Asset Seizure and Civil Forfeiture of Property of Cannabis Industry Participants
  • Employer’s Duty with regard to Legal Cannabis Use and Medical Marijuana Employees